One question you ask yourself every morning is “how am I gonna do my hair?”  Some days your honestly not in the mood to deal with hair, and other days you want it to look perfect.  However, no matter what how you do your hair, ALWAYS ties together your whole outfit.  So whether your hair is up, or down, short or long, straight or curly, you can always do something to make it look good.

Lazy Days:          

                Heres a few tips that I’ve discovered over time.  If you really don’t feel like doing your hair, or you feel its not presentable to wear down, then you can always put it up in a messy bun, a braid to the side, a French braid, a ponytail, etc. there’s many different options, but in my opinion is if you decide to push your hair out of your face make sure your makeup looks nice.  So that way when people see you and your hairs out of your face the first thing they notice will be your eyes.

Straight, Curly & Natural:             

On the other hand, if you feel like spending time doing your hair, then there’s mainly two options.  Straight, or Curly?   If you have straight hair, and you want to change up your look, you can always try curling it, same if you have curly and you want to change your look, then you can try straightening it.  If you have naturally straight, or curly hair, then you can always just leave it down naturally, or throw it back with a headband.  Always remember, natural is always beautiful.

Twisting things up:         

If you do decide to wear your hair down, but you think its too “original” or “overdone”, then you can always try doing something back with it like a simple twist back, or a French/ regular braid back.  That always changes up how your hair looks, and it makes it look really nice if you just want it out of your face, or want something a little different.

Something for everyone:            

There’s something for every kind of hair, every different day.  The lazy days, the awake and ready to look nice days, the casual days, and even the fancy days.  No matter what is done to your hair, I’m sure it will look amazing, because hair is one of the most beautiful things about a person, and it defines your personality, and shows people who you really are. 


Everyday Hair