Rest In Peace Safe Salah<3

Hi again bloggers.  I am sad to say that today is a very tragic, sad day for me, my friends, and our church members.  Yesterday, on January 27, 2012 Safe Salah had passed away due to septic shock.  He was a member of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, and a member of the Elevate Youth Family.  He was 16 years old.  Many of you would probably say that, that’s a young age to pass away, which it is, however it was Gods plan to take him at such a young age.  He is in a better place now and he’s happy now, but all his friends, family members, and members of our church, are going to need a lot of prayer.  He was always smiling and always so happy, and always made so many people smile and laugh.  Its so hard to believe that he’s actually gone, like it just feels like one big nightmare that were all going to wake up from and be so happy, but were not it’s reality, and I cant believe he’s actually gone.  He was such a great kid, who put an impact on so many peoples lives.  Elevate Youth Family is like my second family, and he was a part of that, so its like my whole other family is grieving over the loss of our brother.  We all love and miss you Safe.  I cant wait to see you again someday<3

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”  Revelation 21:4

Rest in Peace Safe Salah, January 1, 1997-January 27, 2013



Accessorizing Your Hair


A girls dream is for her hair to always look nice, but is that a reality?  Typically no its not, cause every girl has a bad hair day every once in a while!  I would say the best thing to do when you have a bad hair day is to do everything else possible to make yourself look nice!  For me personally when my hairs bad I wear it in a messy bun, but when you wear your hair in a messy bun, you should always make sure your makeup is nice, so that way you balance out how you look.  However another solution to make yourself look nice when you hair is in a messy bun is to wear jewelry (specifically earrings).  My favorite earrings to wear when I wear my hair in a messy bun are definatley a nice pair of hoops.  Stud earrings usually look nice with up hair too!

Another thing you can always accessorize with your hair is clips and headbands.  You can always wear cute clips, such as bows, pom poms, or maybe even nice looking bobby pins.  That way, so can keep your hair out of your face, but still have it look cute.  Another thing that you can put in your hair to move it out of your face, but still make it look cute, is always headbands.  You can always wear simple colorful headbands, then theirs cute headbands with little designs on them, but theres also headbands that stand out such as ones with big bows on it, which always would make peoples hair stand out.

So, as you can see theres many different ways that you can accessorize your hair to always make it look cute! I hope you having fun trying some of these things with your hair! Have an amazing day!


New Year, New You

             Hello Bloggers! I would like to start off by saying Happy New Year to all of you! But what’s a new year without new years resolution?  Everyone makes those, however the thing is do you stick to it?  Maybe your resolution is losing weight, or maybe it’s to eat healthier, or to go running more, and many other things.  It’s really important that when you make a new years resolution, that you stick to it.  It may be a challenge, and a year may seem like a really long time, however if you actually do stick to doing something for the whole year, in the end it will all be worth it. 

Also, a new year means new styles of clothes, new hairstyles, new electronics, new makeup products, new everything!  A new year can also mean a new you!  Even though 2 days ago it was 2012, and now its 2013 it doesn’t feel any different right? Exactly it doesn’t feel any different, but it’s like a fresh start, a new year to become a new you, to change habits, to change your look, to change your attitude, and just to try to become a better person, even though your still the same person!  2013 will only be a good year if you make it a good year!  No one else is in charge of your year except you!  I don’t know about you, but im going to try to make 2013 an amazing year.

Now, back to hairstyles.  I personally was in times square New York City on New Years Eve!  It was the experience of a lifetime, and I will never forget it!  However, let me tell you on new years, people go all out and some people had some crazy hair there!  But it’s one day its okay to do that!  People had crazy hats on, they had their hair dyed crazy colors, some girls did their hair curled and amazing, some people just didn’t feel like doing there hair, but everywhere you looked there always always some interesting hair style somewhere!

Now in conclusion to my first blog of the new year, just be you, be yourself, be who you wanna be, and don’t let anybody stop you!  If you wanna change your style, your attitude, your appearance, or any of that stuff, then go for it, this is the perfect time!  The perfect time to start over and become the same person, but yet completely different at the same time!  Best of luck to all you bloggers! And a very happy 2013!


One question you ask yourself every morning is “how am I gonna do my hair?”  Some days your honestly not in the mood to deal with hair, and other days you want it to look perfect.  However, no matter what how you do your hair, ALWAYS ties together your whole outfit.  So whether your hair is up, or down, short or long, straight or curly, you can always do something to make it look good.

Lazy Days:          

                Heres a few tips that I’ve discovered over time.  If you really don’t feel like doing your hair, or you feel its not presentable to wear down, then you can always put it up in a messy bun, a braid to the side, a French braid, a ponytail, etc. there’s many different options, but in my opinion is if you decide to push your hair out of your face make sure your makeup looks nice.  So that way when people see you and your hairs out of your face the first thing they notice will be your eyes.

Straight, Curly & Natural:             

On the other hand, if you feel like spending time doing your hair, then there’s mainly two options.  Straight, or Curly?   If you have straight hair, and you want to change up your look, you can always try curling it, same if you have curly and you want to change your look, then you can try straightening it.  If you have naturally straight, or curly hair, then you can always just leave it down naturally, or throw it back with a headband.  Always remember, natural is always beautiful.

Twisting things up:         

If you do decide to wear your hair down, but you think its too “original” or “overdone”, then you can always try doing something back with it like a simple twist back, or a French/ regular braid back.  That always changes up how your hair looks, and it makes it look really nice if you just want it out of your face, or want something a little different.

Something for everyone:            

There’s something for every kind of hair, every different day.  The lazy days, the awake and ready to look nice days, the casual days, and even the fancy days.  No matter what is done to your hair, I’m sure it will look amazing, because hair is one of the most beautiful things about a person, and it defines your personality, and shows people who you really are. 


Everyday Hair